The Snow Queen
Saturday, December 1, 3pm
Williamson Theater
Running Time: 1 Hour
Tickets: $20

This story is about a Snow Queen who lived in her ice palace far away to the north. On winter nights, it was her habit to sweep down on the cities and villages and freeze them in snow and ice. One night the Snow Queen came riding on her sleigh and snatched Kay away to live with her in her ice palace. Can his friend Gerde break the Snow Queen’s spell and rescue Kay? The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen's classic wintry tale features a talking reindeer, a fierce Snow Monster, and a witch with a green thumb. This highly theatrical adaptation is set to the music of Archangelo Corelli and danced in a narrated ballet by larger than life puppets, including a 12-foot tall Snow Queen.

Ages 4 and up




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