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Tickets and Box Office

What are the Box Office hours?
The CFA Box Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-4pm, as well as Tuesday and Thursday 10am-6pm. The Box Office also opens two hours before each CFA presented performance. Please contact the Box Office for hours of other rental events, 718.982.ARTS (2787).

What type of credit cards do you accept as a method of payment for tickets?
The Box Office accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

The show for which I purchased tickets has been canceled. What do I do now?
The CFA has a no refund or exchange policy for all tickets. However, in the event of a performance being cancelled by an artist or by the CFA, the Box Office will contact you to refund your tickets.

What is a RUSH ticket, and how can I purchase one?
Pending availability, the Box Office offers $5 RUSH tickets 30 minutes before each CFA performance to CSI students with valid student IDs. Some CFA events do not apply: please contact the Box Office for details.

What if I can't attend the performance for which I purchased tickets?
If you are unable to attend an event presented by the CFA, you may return your unused tickets to the Box Office no later than seven days prior to the event in order to receive a receipt for a tax-deductible donation to the CFA. No purchased tickets for rental programs will be accepted as donations. If your tickets do not qualify for the tax-deductible donation, you may resell your tickets to friends or family.

I haven't received my tickets. Whom should I contact?
If you have not received your tickets in the mail, please contact the Box Office at 718.982.ARTS (2787). We will reprint your tickets and can either re-mail them or hold them at Will Call to be picked up.

I am having problems purchasing tickets online. What should I do?
Please wait a few minutes and reload the page to purchase tickets. Certain Web browsers might also interfere with Click4Tix's online ticket Website. If the problem continues, please contact the Box Office at 718.982.ARTS (2787) to speak to a Box Office representative.

Are the seats available online the same as the seats I can purchase over the telephone or at the Box Office?
Yes. The tickets we offer online are the same as the ones we offer over the telephone or at the Box Office. Please contact the Box Office at 718.982.ARTS (2787) for more seating options and discounts.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my baby or toddler? 
Yes. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket to attend CFA events. This is based on FDNY's fire code policy, which has a strict maximum capacity rule.

At what age do I qualify for the senior citizen discount to CFA presentations?
The CFA's senior citizen discount of $2 off up to two CFA presentation tickets applies to anyone 65 years old and over.

Are there discounts for large groups?
The Box Office offers 25% off tickets for a group of ten or more per CFA performance.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for the CFA?
You may purchase a CFA gift certificate at any price level in person at the Box Office window or by phone at 718.982.ARTS (2787).

Why am I required to provide my mailing address and phone number?
The Box Office takes your personal information in order to contact you in case of an event cancellation, a problem with your order, or if you need the Box Office to reprint lost tickets. We also add your address to our mailing list to inform you of upcoming CFA presentations. If you do not wish to receive mail from the CFA, please contact us at 718.982.ARTS (2787). Your personal information is held in the strictest confidence. The CFA does not trade, rent, or sell its mailing list to third-party groups.

At what point does the balcony overhang the orchestra in the CFA theaters?
In the Springer Concert Hall, the balcony overhangs the orchestra at Row M. In the Williamson Theatre, the balcony overhangs the orchestra at Row H.

How do I make arrangements for wheelchair accessible seating?
If you wish to purchase a wheelchair-accessible seat, please call the Box Office at 718.982.ARTS (2787).

Can I buy CSI parking decals at the CFA Box Office window?
No. Parking decals are sold in Building 3A, Room 106 and at the Campus Center Box Office during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters. For additional information contact the Office of Parking Services at 718.982.2294.

Can someone else in my party pick up tickets without me?
Yes. A member of your party may pick up your tickets at the Box Office window after he or she provides your full name and the total number of tickets purchased to the Box Office representative.

How do I get tickets for the weekday morning children's performances at the CFA?
Enrichment Through the Arts offers children's performances for school groups during weekday mornings at the Center for the Arts. For tickets and more information, please call 718.982.5678 or check their Website at www.enrichmentthroughthearts.com.

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Around the CFA

What kinds of concessions are offered before shows and during intermission?
The concession stand carries coffee, tea, water, soda, assorted candy, chips, pretzels, and cakes.

Can I bring outside food or beverage into the CFA?
Food and beverages from outside the CFA are NOT permitted.

Where is the Center for Student Accessibillity (CSA) in Building 1P?
Once you walk through the main entrance of Building 1P, continue to walk through the Atrium to the rear of the building. Before you reach the rear glass doors, turn left into the hallway where you will continue until you reach Room 101. For more information about CSA, contact 718.982.2510, www.csi.cuny.edu/csa

How do I contact the lost and found?
All items found in the theaters after events are turned over to CSI Public Safety Office's Lost and Found. Please contact Public Safety to report a lost item and to check if your item has been found at 718.982.2116.

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How can I become a CFA member?
Please check our membership page to learn more about which membership level is right for you. You may also contact the Box Office at 718.982.ARTS (2787) to purchase a membership.

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Am I allowed to take photos or record video during events?
Photography and recording are not permitted in the CFA theaters and such equipment may be confiscated. Violators may be ejected and/or held liable for monetary damages.

Does the CFA offer Infrared Listening Assistance devices?
Yes. Infrared listening assistance devices are available at the Box Office. Speak to a Box Office representative for additional details.

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How do I rent a venue at the CFA? 
Please check out our venue rental page to learn more or call our Rental Office at 718.982.2504.

Do I need insurance to rent a venue at the CFA?
Yes, a certificate of insurance is required. Please view the rental form for details.

How do I find out if a venue is available?
Please contact our Rental Office at 718.982.2504 to check availability.

Where do I find technical information about the venues?
For technical information for a specific venue, please find the link at the bottom of each venue page. Click here to go to the venue rental page.

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What kind of shows do you have coming up at the CFA?
Check out our calendar of events for exciting presentations for you and your family. If you would like to receive a CFA brochure and/or emails about news and upcoming shows, please sign our mailing list.

How do I submit my work to be presented by the CFA? 
If you believe that your work is appropriate for presentation at the CFA, you may mail a DVD or VHS of the performance, and any promotional materials for our consideration.

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Directions and Parking

Where can I find directions to the CFA?
Please check out our directions page for more information.

Where can I park? How much does it cost?
Please use parking lots 1 and 2, which are closet to the CFA (Building 1P). Parking is free for visitors.

Where do I park if I am just purchasing tickets at the Box Office Window?
During our regular Box Office hours, customers can park in front of Building 1P for a few minutes while purchasing tickets at the Box Office window. If you plan to stay longer, please request a guest parking pass at the campus gate and park your vehicle in guest parking lot 6.

When does the Forest Hill Road entrance close?
The Forest Hill Road gate closes at 11pm. Please use the main gate on Victory Boulevard for weekend evening presentations if leaving past 11pm.

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Working at the CFA

Are jobs available at the CFA?
The CFA does provide work study, internship, and volunteer opportunities in arts management, marketing, ushering, and production, pending availability. Please check the employment opportunities page for our current listings.

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CSI Students

Do you offer CLUE credits for events held at the CFA?
CLUE credits for CFA presentations are available to CSI students. You may sign the CLUE attendance sheet at the Box Office window during intermission.

I am taking my final exam in Building 1P. Do you know which in room is it being held?
You may check your final exam schedule online. Also, please check with your class instructors and departments for more information. To check which department your class is affiliated with, please click here.

Do you offer dance or music classes?
All arts classes are offered by the Department of Performing and Creative Arts. You can contact them at 718.982.2520 or visit www.library.csi.cuny.edu/pca/.

Can I buy CSI parking decals at the CFA Box Office window?
No. Parking decals are sold in Building 1A, Room 102 and at the Campus Center Box Office during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters. Please call 718.982.2294 for more information.

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