WILLIAMSON THEATRE - Technical Specifications



Orchestra: 308 fixed seats, 8 Wheel Chair accessible

Balcony: 122 fixed seats, 4 Wheel Chair accessible

Total: 442

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Proscenium: width: 38’ 0”; height: 23’ 10”; depth: 7’ 6”

Stage: depth: 29’ 0”; elevation: 3’ 5”

Wings: SL: 19’ 2”; SR: 16’ 2”

Apron Depth: 6’ 8”

Orchestra Pit Lift: width: 45’ 6”; depth: 8’ at center, tapers to 3’ at ends

Lift Positions: stage level, auditorium level, and pit level

Grid: 57’ 6” from deck to walking surface of grid

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Loading door is located on the north side of the Center for the Arts. It is at stage level with a clear path to the stage. The loading dock is 3’ 5” above grade and is able to accommodate two 48’ tractor-trailers. There is no parking available in the loading dock area.

Loading Door Dimensions: depth: 8’ 0”; height: 10’ 6”



There are nine dressing rooms, a mix of chorus and small dressing rooms. Total accommodation for 35 performers. All rooms are supplied with showers, sinks, and hanging facilities. Access to the stage is via a staircase, stage left. In addition, there is a large Green Room with a refrigerator and sink, a costume shop with two washers, two dryers, a steamer, a clothes iron, and a rehearsal room.



The stage rigging in the Williamson Theater consists of 39 lockable, single purchase counterweight sets, each with a capacity of 1,380 lbs. The battens are 1 ½” I.D. pipes, 46’ long. There are no pipe extensions available. All line sets operate from stage right on stage level.

The red velour house curtain is operated from stage right. It guillotines and travels from SR.

There are four sets of black velour masking legs and borders. Black scrim (46’ wide, 24’ high). White scrim (48’ wide, 24’ high). Natural muslin cyclorama (48’ wide, 28’ high), and a black velour backdrop.

Projection screen: 18’ wide by 13’ high.



The stage surface is Southern Yellow Pine finish flooring over 30 lb. construction felt on two layers of ½” plywood with impact insulators. Subfloor: 4”x4”x1/2” plywood @ 12” O.C. staggered between ¾” resilient bio-cushion insulator pads. A black marley dance floor is available. There is no nailing or screwing to the stage floor.



LCD Projector (Sanyo Pro xtrax-5000 lm)
Dell GX270 Desktop Computer with Internet and PowerPoint
Toshiba DVD/VCR Player



CobraNet digital snake backbone capable of 48 inputs and 8 monitor mixes.

Yamaha 02r96vcm

Media Sources:
Tascam 122MK Audio Cassette Recorder
Denon DN-1800F Dual CD Player
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck

30pin iPod dock

Yamaha SPX 990 multi effect unit
3 DBX Stereo 31 band Equalizers

Clear-Com MS 400 Icom System

Crown Com-Tech 200 amp for booth monitors
2 Crown XTI2 2002 Amplifiers (one powers central cluster)

2 Crown XTI2 6002 Amplifiers (one powers central cluster)

Central Cluster Speakers:
4 JBL 4647A 15" speakers
3 JBL 2450H 2" horns

Stage Monitors:
2 12" 2-way Dynacoustics Wedges

Main Speakers:
QSC Line Array (4x KLA122 & 2x KLASUB)

Also availabe:
Shure Wireless Microphones (SM87 capsule, SM58 capsule)
AKG Drum Microphones
TC Electronic M150,Multi-effect unit
Full complement of instrument mics
Additional monitor wedges
QSC Line Array Subwoofers



The Williamson Theatre lighting system is controlled by an ETC Element Lighting Console (60 Faders) with 358 2.4kw ETC Expression 3 in a dimmer per circuit configuration.

Lighting positions include overhead stage electrics, 2 front of house cove positions, one balcony rail, 2 box booms, and 2 proscenium/torm booms.

A repertory light plot is in place in the house. View Light Plot

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment may be moved, but MUST be restored to the standard light plot.


Lighting Equipment:

ETC Element Lighting Console - 60 Faders

32 ETC S4 Ellipsoidal Spotlight 19*
40 ETC S4 Ellipsoidal Spotlight 26*
58 ETC S4 Ellipsoidal Spotlight 36*
20 ETC Pattern/Gobo holders, Size B

20 ETC Selador Vivid-R LED 42”
18 ETC Selador Palleta LED 63”

6 Boom bases with 12ft pipes
36 Side-arms
24 Barn doors for S4 PARs

Altman HMI (6 colors) Follow Spots located in the FOH ceiling cove
Altman Explorer Followspot located in the 3rd floor booth

Also available: 3-Pin Stage Cables, Adapters, Donuts, etc.



Viewpoint System



All circuits are in outlet boxes containing standard theatrical 3-pin connectors, with one receptacle per circuit.



There are two separate 400 Amp 3-phase disconnects located backstage (stage right at upstage wall, offstage left wall). Both disconnects have lugs.



Infrared assistance listening system. Accessible seating.